Saturday June 1st!

I’m mega excited to play at two events this saturday! As you may have heard, I’ve made it to the finals of the Click Talent Race which will be held at Click Circuit Festival. I was one of the first three lucky DJ’s to have made it to the next round and a few days ago, no more than 12 other Talents earned their spot to play at the race. At the festival kick-off, all talents will pick a straw to determine the set time. Keep an eye out on my Facebook page, as I will announce my set time as soon as I know! All 15 DJ’s get 30 mins to show their stuff and the results are at 22:00! If you’re at the festival, come see me!

After Click Circuit Festival, I have to rush back to Hilversum to close at Liefde is.. Nachtdokters. It’s their one year anniversary and I’m honored to close the event. It’s a special occasion, so if you buy a ticket, you get to go in with a partner! ( 2 for 1! awesome!) My playtime is 02:00 – 04:00, come dance!

I’ve never played two gigs in one day, this day will be marked in my memory. If you want to be part of the memory, join me this saturday!

Much love for all of you who keep on giving the same to me! ❤

Click Circuit Festival

Liefde is.. Nachtdokters


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